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Product Models

To retrieve, view and download the latest owners manuals with service parts, and maintenance videos you need to enter your products Customer Care Number (Model and Configuration Number).

Your Customer Care Number (Model and Configuration Number) identifies your unique product and makes sure you get the proper service manuals and videos for your specific heater. There are three model formats.

Format 1 Ex: AW250BHPD110037 is a 15 digit code required for all Guardian, Therma Grow, Tradesman Portable Forced Air, Premier Forced Air, and Sentinel Tube Heaters

Format 2 Ex: 900-377K-3 is the 7 digit code for all Classic Forced Air heaters

Format 3 Ex: CP170BK is the 7 digit code for all Kerosene Tradesman Forced Air heaters


Your Customer Care Number (Model and Configuration Number) can be found on the data plate of your heater.

If you have correctly entered your number and are still getting this instruction message. Your product code was not found in our system, please contact LB White Customer Service for assistance: Email or call 800-345-7200 (toll-free) or 608-783-5691.



Warranty Product Registration

Click here to register your L.B. White product. Product Registration allows us to send you (with your permission) important updates, service information and helpful hints. It will also make it easier should you ever need to call in for Technical Support. 




Please visit our FAQ page for questions regarding orders, products, returns, warranty, and shipping or for product-specific technical support. 

If you have additional questions, please email Customer Service or Tech Support. To contact Customer Service or Tech Support by phone, call 800-345-7200 (toll-free) or 608-783-5691.