Swine Heaters


Forced Air Heaters and Radiant Heat Brooders
for Pig Buildings and Pig Complexes 

L.B. White is a leading manufacturer of pig heating solutions across Africa, Asia, Europe, North America, and South America. We offer a full line of heating solutions, including forced air heaters and brooders.

Our heaters are designed specifically for confinement buildings and pig complexes with any application or phase of pig development: breeding-gestation, farrowing, nursery, farrow-to-finish, wean-to-finish, and grow-finish.

Save on fuel costs, improve pig productivity, reduce time to market, and lower operating costs of hog and pig production. L.B. White is a single source provider of quality forced air heaters and radiant heat solutions for pig buildings and pig complexes managed by pork producers around the world.


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L.B. White Swine Heaters

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